Seema Kohli

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Born in 1960, Seema Kohli has created her own niche in the world of contemporary art since the past 35 years. Her creative repertoire is eclectic, encompassing a wide range of mediums ranging from painting, murals, experiential installation performances, films to installations, sculptures and each a unique expression of her style.

Kohli has had over 30 solo shows in Venice, Brussels, Melbourne, London, New York, Dubai, Singapore, Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore etc. She has participated in ‘International Biennale’ (Venice, Shanghai, India), ‘Art fairs’ (Hong Kong, Basel, Beijing, Madrid, India). Her work can be seen as public art as murals of 10’ x100’ at the T3 Delhi International Airport, Mumbai International/Domestic Airport, the Defence Ministry, Tata Residency, Manipal University, ONGC, Tata Center of Excellence, Park Hyatt, Chennai, Lila Hotel-Delhi, Bangalore etc.
She lives and works in Delhi.


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