Trupti Dave


Trupti Dave is among Gujarat’s leading contemporary female artists. Born in Bhavnagar, she has completed Bachelor of Architecture from M.S. University, Baroda. She is an established Architect and an Interior Designer and has been successfully practicing since 1989. 

She was introduced to the world of colors at a tender age of 6 by her parents. She is a trained artist and has learnt basic composition of paintings under the guidance of eminent artist Late Shri Khodidas Parmar & Late Shri Somlal Shah. Due to the influence of artistic atmosphere around her she continued to paint as a student of Architect, and participated in many group shows in Gujarat. Over the years she has evolved her own style and technique as an artist and says, “Being an Architect and an Interior Designer has helped me evolve my own style of expressions as an artist, which certainly is an outcome of many years of practice. I can proudly compliment myself being on the road to mastering the art of using bold colors and shapes with various mediums, creating an energetic visual impact.” 

Her paintings are based on the meditative energy which she experiences during her meditation. They are a reflection of her meditative state of mind, when unconscious efforts are reflections of harmonious state of inner self, beliefs, emotions and energy. She derives inspiration from the supreme power & hence her work is reflection of various energy forms, be it Shiv-Shakti, Sufism or Zen. Her ability to work with various mediums and different textures; shapes and style has made her work a universal art. Her daringness in selecting bold and vibrant colors for her canvas speaks volumes about her work as well as her willing to work in a unique way. Her fearlessness as an artist is reflected well in her use of bold and vibrant colors on her canvas. Her work speaks volumes about her willingness to experiment and her audacious attitude. 

She lives and works in Ahmedabad. 


2011 - “Art By Architect”, a solo show at Amdavad Ni Gufa – Ahmedabad, INDIA. (29th Nov- 4th Dec 2011).
2011- “ The Mystic Journey”, a solo show at Amdavad Ni Gufa – Ahmedabad, INDIA. (1st – 6th March 2011).
2011- “ The Journey Beyond” – ‘A tribute to my inspiring father’, a solo show at the Faculty of Fine Arts- Baroda, Gujarat-India. (21st -23rd Feb 2011).
2010 - “ The Journey Within”, a solo show at Bliss Art Gallery-Pune, India. (14th Dec 2010- 03rd Jan 2011).
2010- “ Income Tax Exhibition”, a group show at Ahmedabad. INDIA. A group show organized to commemorate the 150 years of Income Tax in India at the Ravishankar Rawal Kala Bhavan,Ahmedabad. (5th - 9th September 2010).
2010 - “The Journey Beyond”, a solo show at Renaissance Art Gallerie-Bangalore, India. (16th-20th August 2010).
2009 - “The Journey Within”, a solo show at Amdavad Ni Gufa-Ahmedabad, India. (18th-23rd August 2009).
2008 – A Group show at Anayas Art Gallery-Ahmedabad, India. (29th July – 7th August 2008).
1983 – First solo show was held at Bhavnagar, Gujarat – INDIA.


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