Vasudeo Smart

Vasudeo Smart (1925-1999) was a diploma holder in painting from the J. J. School of Arts, Mumbai. A recipient of many scholarships and fellowships, he worked with many eminent artists in his career. He had also been a teacher in many educational institutions like C. N. Vidyalaya, Ahmedabad and Benaras Hindu Vishwavidyalaya. The Indian government assigned him the documentation of wall paintings of caves, temples and palaces. He worked on Bagh, Badami, Sittanvaasal, Ajanta, Kusum Sarovar, South Gujarat Temples and Rajasthan wall paintings. His deep interest and extensive research work in the field of art led him to become a recipient of many awards in his career. The National and state Lalit Kalal Academy, The All India Fine Arts and Craft Society, The Bombay Art Society and The Kalidasa Academy were a few of the many sources which have awarded him for his brilliance. His works featured in many national, international and private collections of art connoisseurs over the years. He had a number of publications to his credit like ‘Kala Darpan’, Rasik Priya’, ‘Pushpa-Vaatika’, ‘Roop Samhita’ (I & II editions) and ‘Bharatiya Bheeth Chitra’. He was a member of the Gujarat State Lalit Kala Academy and The Kalidasa Academy. Member of executive board west zone cultural centre, Udaipur, Govt. of India. Besides this he was also an eminent member of others states academies, museums and private art organisations.

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