Return of Ravi Varma


The Return of Ravi Varma’, an exhibition of early lithographs by Ravi Varma and other presses held from 3rd of June till the 31st of July showcased a wide range of early lithographs from the in-house collection of the gallery. Raja Ravi Varma (1848-1906) who was a prominent Indian painter of the late 19th century, imported two steam powered lithographic press from Germany and started the ‘Ravi Varma Lithographic Press’ in 1894 in Bombay. He was the first Indian painter to introduce mass production of his paintings using a printing press based on the print making technique of Lithography / Oleography. After looking at the popularity and demand of these images created by Ravi Varma many other presses were established like Ravi Udaya Press, Ravi Udaya Vijaya Press, Modern Litho Works, and many more.

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