Dinnerware Set of 16 - Lotus

Amit Ambalal

This crockery set of 16 contains - 4 large plates + 4 small plates + 4 bowls + 4 glasses


About Artist

Amit Ambalal
Amit Ambalal

Amit Ambalal was born in Ahmedabad and was a businessman before he became a full time artist in 1979. He studied art under the guidance of the veteran artist and teacher Ch... Read more


Large Plate: 10.5 inches (diameter)
Small Plate: 7.5 inches (diameter)
Bowl: 5.25 inches (diameter); 1.5 inches (depth)
Glass: 3 inches (diameter); 4.25 inches (depth)

Lotus, born in muddy water blossoms to be the symbol of purity, enlightenment and strength, has taken a contemporary form in Amit Ambalal’s work. This artwork is evidence of an important tendency in modern Indian art - that of a contemporary approach to tradition via forms of popular religious traditions and symbols much like the lotus. Amit Ambalal’s art radiates with his passion for the art history of devotional Pichwais from Nathdwara.

This 16 piece tableware set is not only a piece of art, but will also make for a great souvenir or gift.