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Aatma ni Dhadhakh

'Atma Ni Dhadhakh' is the Gujarati translated autobiography of renowned artist S. H. Raza
Rs 300.00

Amit Ambalal: The 'Unseen' Drawings and Watercolours

Images of Drawings and Watercolours from Amit Ambalal's sketchbooks by Timothy Hyman
Rs 2500.00

Bicycle: A Celebration

A photo book by Ashvin Mehta celebrating the bicycle (a contraction invented by humans to move forward faster)
Rs 1200.00

Contemplative Colour

A Photographer's Tribute to Abstract Painting by Ashvin Mehta
Rs 700.00

Dada No Dangoro Lidho…

M. F. Husain's autobiography translated to Gujarati
Rs 300.00

Gujarat Ma Kala Na Pagran

Biography of the Kalaguru (Master of Fine Art), Shri Ravi Shankar Raval
Rs 500.00

Man ki...

Reproduction of painted drawings from Amit Ambalal's sketchbook
Rs 800.00

Nitya Gandhi : Living ReLiving Gandhi

A book on paintings of Mahatma Gandhi by Haku Shah
Rs 300.00

out of mind, out of sight

Accordion style reproduction of paintings by Amit Ambalal
Rs 1500.00

Portraits of Devotion

Portraits of Devotion-Popular Manorath Paintings from Nathdwara in the collection of Anil Relia by Isabella Nardi.
Rs 1500.00 Rs 1200.00

Roop Samhita

book showcasing the collection of Indian motifs and intricate designs, compiled by Vasudeo Smart
Rs 1500.00 Rs 1000.00

The Genesis of Gaja Gamini

A book on the making of the movie 'Gaja Gamini' by renowned artist M. F. Husain
Rs 1000.00