Roop Samhita

Vasudeo Smart

11.25 x 8.75 inches

MediumOffset print on paper
PublisherRajarshi Smart & Archer, Ahmedadad
AuthorVasudeo Smart

About Artist

Vasudeo Smart
Vasudeo Smart
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Roop Samhita is the book showcasing the collection of Indian motifs and intricate designs, studied and compiled by renowned Indian artist Vasudeo Smart.

This book features 3000 plus visual motifs and designs of Indian Art, and their evolution through centuries, and are classified according to different historical periods. Vasudeo Smart, being a firm believer in the raw skills, brings out the skill sets of local craftsmen and their eclectic range of rural and urban influences, and the resulting intricate designs in this book. Most of the drawings in this book have been traced from the original art objects, and contains 304 pages, and its Fourth Edition is co-published by Archer in 2016.