Nana Fadnavis

36 x 24 Inches
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MediumLithograph on paper
PressPoona Chitrashala, Poona

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Early Lithograph by Chitrashala Press, Poona 

Balaji Janardhan alias Nana Fadnavis

36 x 24 inches | 91.4 x 61 cms


Balaji Janardhan alias Nana Fadnavis (May 4, 1741 AD - March 13, 1800 AD)
Prime Minister to the Peshwa, Madhava Rava II.

This lithograph is copied from an English original painting drawn for Sir C. W. Malet Bart, the then British representative at the Poona Court, and now an heirloom in the family of the said Minister.

Printed at the "Chitra Shala" Press, Poona, 1884