20 x 20 Inches
Bharti Prajapati
MediumOil on canvas

About Artist

Bharti Prajapati
Bharti Prajapati

Born in 1962, Vadodara, Gujarat, Bharti Prajapati studied design at the National Institute of Design (NID) Ahmedabad, and have been honoured with various awards like the Cr... Read more


An original work on canvas by Bharti Prajapati.

She has derived the essence of her painting from a doha by Kabir.
With a fast and competitive lifestyle, it's indeed a soul soothing experience to absorb some wise words from a great saint, philosopher and guide.

Jo ugae so aathme, phoole so kumlhaye,
jo choone so dhahe paadhe, jaame so maari jaay.
Taruvar paat sau yo kahe, suno paat ek baat,
yaa ghaar yaahi reeti hai, ek aavat ek jaat.

Birth and death go together, we are all bound by its law.

Anything that rises has to set, that flowers have to fade away,
that is built has to fall, that is alive has to die.
Every organism and cell are saying this, hear it,
this is the home and its rule, while one comes, one has to go.
We live assuming that our life is going to go on forever,
the fact and reality is we are mere mortals, fragile and perishable.