The Lost Splendour

22 x 30 Inches
Ronak Sopariwala
MediumSerigraph on paper
PublisherArcher Graphic Studio, Ahmedabad
ColourPrinted in 12 colours
Edition Size100

About Artist

Ronak Sopariwala
Ronak Sopariwala

Born in 1981, Ahmedabad. He studied Diploma in Fine Arts (Applied Arts) from Sheth C. N. College of Fine Arts, Ahmedabad. Since 2002, he has exhibited his works in various ... Read more


Limited Edition Serigraph printed in 12 colours on archival paper. This serigraph was published in an edition size of 100. This item will be shipped unframed, in a roll. The paper size is 22 x 30 inches, Image size is 18.50 x 27 inches. The print is signed by the artist and comes with a certificate of authenticity.

This limited edition serigraph is part of a series titled ‘The Ahmedabad Serigraphs’ which consist of 33 serigraphs done by 33 different artists each serigraph is a window to the city, as seen from the eyes of the artist, each of who has presented a central idea of Ahmedabad as testimony of their feeling for the city.

The Lost Splendour, is an amalgamation of the sights that were reminiscent of Sopariwala’s childhood. He grew up with the iconic textile mills in his surroundings; hence a lot of memories linger, like playing in mill compounds with his friends, watching the workers, machines, chimneys, etc. To him painting such a sight is taking a road down the memory lane and thus considers this period as a Golden Era of Ahmedabad which doesn’t seem to return. Also with the textile mills, there came a boom in the textile market of Ahmedabad, and is symbolic of its glory. The title, ‘The Lost Splendour’ depicts how urbanization and industrialization took away that splendour.