Banaras: the breathing legacy

13 x 18 Inches
Vivek Desai
MediumDigital print on archival paper

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Vivek Desai
Vivek Desai
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Set of 12 limited edition photographs. This portfolio was done in an edition of 100.

It is mentioned in Mahabharat that this treatise has everything in it that one can find in this world. And, what is not in this, one can't find anywhere else. Of course, we can't say the same about Banaras. we can't see Tajmahal, Kutub Minar and many such places that tourists would want to see. But, for those who have genuine interest in seeing, feeling and understanding the spirit of India there in no place better than Banaras the ancient city.

Seeing photographs made by Vivek Desai enables the viewers to see Banaras and feel India through the eyes of an expert who has spent days in Banaras during various seasons, religious festivals and occasions. Through an excellent selection of his photographs Vivek takes us to small lanes and Ghats that transform Banaras into KASHI.  -Jyoti Bhatt