Where? When? Why? Photologue by Jyoti Bhatt

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10.5 x 11 inches

MediumOffset print on paper
AuthorJyoti Bhatt

About Artist

Jyoti Bhatt
Jyoti Bhatt

Born in March 1934 at Bhavnagar in Gujarat. He has completed his studies in painting and printmaking at Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda. Jyotibhai, as Jyoti Bhatt is fondly ca... Read more


A picture is worth a thousand words and in the case of Jyoti Bhatt, he believes it to be true. Bhatt narrates that all photographs can make a statement even if many of them are trivial or even considered totally worthless. While words can also be worthless, they are often considered more powerful than visual images. Bhatt has therefore tried in this book to combine his words with his images.

Jyoti Bhatt expresses that this book isn’t one of photo stories or photo essays. Like such terms are used by photojournalists and picture magazines. Bhatt has simply presented some events and anecdotes that had prompted him to take some of the photographs in this book. These short anecdotes were dictated by him to a young artist friend, when he was hospitalized in 2018.

As they say, the artist’s mind never sets free, it is always finding ways to be more creative. In these photographs, you can find joy not only for their aesthetic and formal quality, but also for catching a glimpse of the artist’s perspective of the world.

Jyoti Bhatt is an artist. Apart from painting, he did printmaking and photography and also wrote articles on arts in various magazines in Gujarati, English, and Hindi. He taught painting at the M. S. University of Baroda for 33 years (1959-1992). He is the recipient of three International and numerous National awards for his paintings, prints and photographs.