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TWILIGHT | Exhibition of recent works by Nabibakhsh Mansoori

Limited Edition Accordion Book of Amit Ambalal

Heads and tails of langoors have always been part of Amit Ambalal’s art and life. Around his studio at Sumeru, amidst trees, one can see langoors, which often enter his pictorial world.

In this series, they pass-by his studio, jumpimg, running and beating a hasty retreat as soon as he raises his air-gun at them.

Suddenly, there is silence.

They disappear, as though they were never there, leaving behind images, which appear in Amit’s paintings with Matisse-like flowing lines, capturing their antics and grace.

-Esther David

This book “Man Ki…” is a reproduction of painted drawings from Amit Ambalal’s sketchbook. Printed in a limited edition of 500 copies on 250 gsm archival paper.