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Figurative Expressions | Group Exhibition by 13 artists

Figurative Expressions | a group exhibition

In News: Bhairavi Modi - When the Pawari calls ... | Times of India - 08 September 2019 | Navgujarat Samay - 10 September 2019 | Sandesh - 11 September 2019

When the Pawari calls ... | an exhibition of recent paintings by Bhairavi Modi

When the Pawari calls - Exhibition Invite

Portraits of Devotion-Popular Manorath Paintings from Nathdwara in the collection of Anil Relia by Isabella Nardi


Portraits of Devotion-Popular Manorath Paintings from Nathdwara in the collection of Anil Relia by Isabella Nardi

Art collector Anil Relia had always admired the miniature paintings of the Nathdwara school, which grew out of the religious devotion of the Pushti Marg (Path of Grace). On one of his trips to this pilgrimage town, he encountered manorath paintings, whose unusual visual elements attracted his attention immediately. Originally part of the Pushti Marg popular culture, manorath paintings were often commissioned by devout followers as an indelible record of a pilgrimage trip to Nathdwara.

Manorath (“mind’s vehicle”) paintings are a visual representation of the pilgrim’s wish to enter into mutual communication with a divine Pushti Marg icon. The popular manoraths in this collection, which employ mixed media and photo-realism techniques, illustrate worshippers in the presence of Shrinathji. These images had a deep emotional resonance for worshippers because they embodied both the corporeal pilgrimage to Nathdwara as also the inner devotional experience.

As author Isabella Nardi demonstrates, the paintings in this collection are not merely souvenirs of a pilgrimage trip; they represent the worshipper’s journey to Nathdwara for a darshan with their beloved and revered deity. With pilgrims as patrons, these manoraths are truly portraits of devotion.


Portraits of Devotion

In News: Madhvi Parekh-The Curious Seeker; Retrospective show-Navgujarat Samay 15 February 2019 | Divya Bhaskar 12 February 2019

The opening of ‘Madhvi Parekh - The Curious Seeker’ at Archer Art Gallery, Ahmedabad. This Madhvi Parekh retrospective covering five decades of her painterly career had been an interesting exercise because of the questions it threw up in the context of Indian art. 

Exhibition continues till 30 March 2019 | Daily 11am to 7pm (sundays and public holiday closed)

In News-Madhvi Parekh-The Curious Seeker