Bridge Between Tradition and Modern - exhibition of limited edition serigraphs by Madhvi Parekh

5 - 31 March 2022

Madhvi Parekh’s name falls under the list of most distinguished self-taught artist. Parekh’s early works are mainly inspired by her childhood memories and folk narratives which evolved to an art form of her consciousness.

Madhvi’s naive and sophisticated contemporary art style is an ultimate depiction of a never-ending humanoid, where flora and fauna, mountains and trees, towns and villages are painted in a zealous way, which can transport one to her childhood. She has always allowed the symbols and characters to be unrecognizable, to release them from a specific religion and locality, which enables each viewer to make them as he or she wants them to be. Initially she started painting in traditional folk style and later gradually moved towards exploring different mediums, which allowed her to broaden imagination to express her views on modern/socio-political life.

This exhibition will witness the launch of 25+ new serigraphs by Madhvi Parekh.