Conservation of Prints

How to conserve your prints

To assure long lasting beauty and to protect your investment in fine art; certain environmental conditions as mentioned below can damage the prints, even if they are properly framed. So, it is advisable to check and verify the condition of the art prints periodically


Never expose your fine art valuable to strong ultra-violet radiations like Sunlight, direct or indirect and few lighting systems. This causes harm to the paper as well as certain inks and colors used.


Humidity causes molding and foxing. Do not store art prints in the area of high humidity and less air circulation to prevent damage. Furthermore, humidity also attracts pests like silver fish - a danger for your fine art print.


Do not store/hang prints near radiators or sources of heat or on walls which contain flues. Permanent humidity below 40% will dry out the paper and make it brittle.


Pollution coming in the form of acids in papers and dust, dirt or the sweat from your hands should be prevented from affecting your print. Insects as a kind of natural pollution should also be taken care of.