Gates of Ahmedabad by Vrindavan Solanki

The Gates of Ahmedabad were built during different times starting from 1411 AD as the entrances to the walled city of Ahmedabad. These entrances to the city have a unique name and history. Pretty much the area surrounding these gates have adopted the name of the gate as the name of the locality; each of the gate has beautiful carvings, calligraphy and some of them even balconies.

Gates of AhmedabadImpressions of Ahmedabad's Gates by Vrindavan Solanki
11 different limited editions serigraphs

Teen Darwaza
As the sun shines down on the old city market and its charm, 3 glorious arches stand tall to offer relief from the sweltering heat. The longest and oldest gateway in the city of Ahmedabad, Teen Darwaza is a testimony to the architectural marvels of olden India. Carved with intricacies and molded by culture, this is a sight to behold.

Sarangpur Darwaza
The faint sound of a train whistling in the background combined with the allure of Mughal architecture, this is a scene set in sepia. Cows mooing, on the narrow streets and vendors donning broad smiles, Sarangpur Darwaza captures the essence of the slow-paced, peaceful life that we strive for.

Panchkuva Darwaza
Built by the Birtish, this is the last gate to be built in the city. Quaint streets bustling with local chatter, Panchkuva Darwaza stands out in the clutter. The burst of color from the countless shopping carts around it, interjects the subtlety of the stone-built wall and helps set it apart.

Raipur Darwaza
The sizzling sound of piping hot oil, the whiff of freshly-fried fritters, the buzzing traffic and the magnificence of the ancient arches, this is a sight that tickles all the senses. Raipur Darwaza sits in the heart of the city and evokes a sense of nostalgia for a time long forgotten.

Khanpur Darwaza
Once blooming with fragrant flowers from the king’s garden, Khanpur Darwaza now blooms with stories of valour found between wilted flowers and thriving markets. The now crumpled and fragmented wall, was once a 10km long concrete protection for the city.

Jamalpur Darwaza
Vegetable carts and the influx of buyers are dwarfed by the historic gate of Jamalpur. The wall that was once built for fortification of the city now fortifies the spirit of the old city by accentuating its culture by bringing together people.

Astodia Darwaza
As honking autorickshaws circle around the beautiful heritage gate that is Astodia Darwaza, you can hear the roaring laughter from the nearby colorful pols mingled with the bickering of the passersby. Adorned with lotus medallions once were the entryway into the city.

Dariyapur Darwaza
The Dariyapur Darwaza is situated at the North side of Ahmedabad. Built with Ashlars Masonry in 16th CE AD, this splendid gate was used by soldiers to pass through it.

Prem Darwaza
Once crowded with traders to transport their goods, this heritage gate now echoes with the cooing of pigeons and the beeping of vehicles. Built by the British, Prem Darwaza is reminiscent of a time when we were on the brink of transformation.

Kalupur Darwaza
Centuries ago, through Kalupur Darwaza passed farmers and vendors with their food supplies. Today this gate is encircled by markets buzzing with enthusiasm and boasting of bargaining skills.

Bhadra Darwaza
A gateway to the Bhadra Fort, this Darwaza can boast of its close proximity to Jama Masjid, Teen Darwaza and a plethora of markets.