Raza Vistar | Celebrating the 100th Year of S H Raza

Raza Vistar | Celebrating 100th Year of S H Raza

Archer Art Gallery feels conceited and pleased to have collaborated with The Raza Foundation in the celebration of the 100th year of S.H. Raza. We are delighted to host an online exhibition of artworks as a tribute to the admired world-renowned artist. His artworks simulated a sense of freedom and tranquility with the experimentation of the colours and forms.

The exhibition 'Raza Vistar' is an amalgamation of serigraphs representing the artist's long held aesthetic ideals which resonates strong Indian cosmological vibes, values and vibrancy. The Hindi word 'Vistar' can be translated in many ways and can refer to the terms array, possibility, detail and magnitude. The exhibition intends to display the development and range of styles in which Raza has depicted his journey of discovering the concepts of Bindu, Prakriti, Kundalini etc and their representation through geometric patterns.