India Art Fair | 28 - 31 January, 2016

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28 - 31 January 2016
New Delhi

Booth E2

M. F. Husain
Mother - XVI
84 x 40 inches
Serigraph in 32 colours on paper
Year - 2008

Exhibition: Memories of Telangana by Thota Vaikuntam

You are cordially invited to an exhibition of paintings

Memories of Telangana

first solo exhibition of original paintings in Gujarat

Thota Vaikuntam

Tuesday, 19th January 2016, 5:30 pm

The Gallery
Amdavad ni Gufa
Gujarat University Road, Ahmedabad

The exhibition continues till Sunday, 24th January, 2016. Daily 4 to 8 pm.
The Indian Portrait - VII

The seventh exhibition in the series, focuses on the development of portraiture after the coming of the camera to India. It fuelled the enthusiasm of the Indian artists and photographic studios mushroomed across the country. Artists started using photographs to enhance portrait paintings, they developed a new aesthetic that integrated aspects of painting and photography in one image.


22 to 27 September, 2015
Amdavad ni Gufa, Ahmedabad

The Indian Portrait - VII

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The Indian Portrait - VI

The sixth exhibition in the Indian Portrait series, from the collection of Anil Relia, focuses on the introduction of photography in India and its evolution up to Independence. The daguerreotype, ambrotype, carte de viste, cabinet cards, stereoviews, etc. are the different mediums that helped to preserve history. Photographs by famous names like Bourne & Shepherd, Lala Deen Dayal, Darogah Abbas Ali, Shamsuddin Lukmanji, S. Hormusjee, Shapur N. Bhedwar, Hurrychand Chintamon, etc. are shown in the exhibition. 


4 to 9 August, 2015
Amdavad ni Gufa, Ahmedabad


The Indian Portrait - VI

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